Enabling customers to open a Westpac account out of branch for the first time in the bank's proud 158 year history.

The Why

We wanted to give our customers more self-select options to join Westpac without the need to call in to a branch to complete their application. We realised it’s becoming increasingly difficult for customers to the find time to call into a branch to open an account and ensure they have the right documentation to satisfy the mandatory AML / CFT requirements.

Measurable Impact

  • Customers are now able to sign up without being in store

  • Mitigated risk of fraudulent and non-genuine activity



While we were able to electronically verify a customer’s identification (NZ Drivers Licence or NZ Passport) and address, we needed to be able to authenticate who they were which required a branch visit. Biometrics enable us to match the facial image on the identification with a live video capture of the person applying, which allows us to authenticate a customer without the need for them to visit a branch.

Security of our customer’s information and data is paramount along with ensuring the on-boarding experience is simple and easy to complete.


OriginID has facilitated this solution allowing Westpac to provide a secure self-service on-boarding option available to our prospective customers.