A tailored call centre tool to identify fraudulent activity across their SIM swap service. Enabling expert customer service and security in processing

Vodafone Mac and Phone.png

The Why

Vodafone had been on the journey to mitigate fraudulent activity across their SIM Swap services. 

Measurable Impact

OriginID has enabled Vodafone to decrease their vulnerability to fraud. Customers are now able to complete their sim swap over the telephone, reducing customer friction.



OriginID developed a solution to support Vodafone through the use of leading edge OCR and Biometric Facial Recognition Technology. A process initiated from their call centre that allows the operator to walk step by step through the Biometric verification process alongside their customers.

OriginID’s solution proves the liveness of the person, validates and verifies the ID document presented (NZ Passport or NZ Drivers License) and matches the live face to the image of the ID document in a matter of seconds. The solution was bespoke and tailored to Vodafone's business requirements, while ensuring that it is seamless and intuitive for both Vodafone and their customers.