APLY ID | A SaaS solution for AML compliance 

APLYs Face Match and Liveness Detection system diminishes the risk of ID fraud and provides it to the market in a SaaS solution. OriginID technology uses powerful algorithms to detect the difference between a photograph on a real ID and a real human being, combined with robust datasets from all over the globe. ID checking a person has never been simpler.  

The Why

The new AML/CFT Phase 2 legislation mandates entities such as Accountants, Lawyers and Real Estate agencies to execute a stronger CDD (Customer Due Diligence) process. This requires identity verification to be done by collecting and sighting documents, data, or information provided from a reliable and independent source. The current process is very manual and requires the customer to be present in a face to face environment, while providing documents signed by the Justice of the Peace. 

Measurable Impact

  • Quick on-boarding process

  • Non-face-to-face identity verification 

  • No 3rd Party Software / Applications required to execute the verification process

  • Saves time and effort for both the customer and the business entity 

  • Data is streamlined within a PDF file for auditing purposes

  • Compliant with AML / CFT legislation



The solution is designed to support the AML / CFT Phase 2 entities through a biometric two step process to speed up and confirm the origination of a customer. APLY proves the liveness of the person, validates and verifies the ID document presented (Passport or Drivers License) and matches the live face to the image of the ID document within 90 seconds. Furthermore, the ID credentials of the person are cross referenced against government trusted data sources. The entire process can be conducted in a non face-to-face environment.


All data captured can be downloaded into a PDF report, which the Phase 2 entities can keep for their records as evidence when their annual audit takes place. All management of the identity verifications for all customers can be managed within the APLY portal, which receives all the verifications in real time and will delete all sensitive data, once the verification has been downloaded into a PDF report. This is designed to provide security and privacy around customer sensitive data, while still meeting AML / CFT legislation.  

Janice Hughes, Director LLB

We are always looking for tools to make our AML programme run more smoothly and efficiently.  When we were introduced to APLY we immediately saw that it would help streamline our identity and address verification process. We really liked that it put the client in the driving seat to provide the information and that all we needed was a simple first name, last name and cellphone number to start the process off.  Using APLY has significantly shortened admin time in completing the verification process, and has made this painful process more manageable. Thanks APLY.




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